Summer is here!

Looking for screen-free activities for your little ones this summer? I have everything prepared for you - morning activities, quiet time activities, summer crafts, road trip fun, on-the-go worksheets to bring to sporting events and more! Just print & play. Your kids will love these playful printable crafts & activities (and you'll be happy to have them on hand).

What Are Other Families Saying?

Our daughter (age 4) spent 2 hours on her own doing the rainbow pack! She has never worked so hard and loved something as much as she did the Rainbow pack!


Molly printables are absolutely cool, colorful and she chooses in the thematic way which makes the setup easy for kiddos without that much preparation or mess. 🥰 ... and love the most about is they are super affordable


My kids have loved all of the printables we have bought from you. They are so well designed, easy enough to do without set up or a mess and just good for learning. Definitely recommend them to everybody!


Little Ones Learn was the first printable that I ever tried with My Little One at 1 and 1/2 years old. It taught him to listen and follow directions in a different way.


Till this day, now almost 4 years old we enjoy the activities from nature to community helpers and numbers to alphabet. We love Molly & her creativity.


Both my boys absolutely love these printables! They each have a folder with a few different packets in there. They pull their folders out daily to pick something fun to do. My youngest who is 2 does a lot of matching and dots. While my oldest 4.5 does them all!! Such a fun thing for them to do while mommy can have coffee or get lunch ready.



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