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You will need basic art supplies such as a child safe scissors, school glue, and either crayons or markers for writing and coloring. You’ll also need something to fill the dot pages (this can be dot markers, bingo daubers, or simply fingerprints with ink or paint).

There are plenty more supplies you can add if/when you’re ready to expand your play such as dot stickers, dot markers, pom poms, etc.

My activity packs are designed for preschool and kindergarten ages. As always, it depends on each individual child. After you download your activities, they are yours forever – so the activities can grow with your child. Recommended age is 3+ for the majority of products in my shop. There are however a few activity packs designed for younger toddlers. Shop by age in my shop categories.

You may print as many times as you want for personal use including classrooms, sharing a printed file as a gift with a friend, Sunday school, and childcare settings. The files are yours forever.

Do not email or redistribute files
electronically. No resale.

Yes and No. If you are looking to try out Little Ones Printables - start with an activity pack theme that is of interest to your child (example: Construction, Tea Party). Each themed pack contains a variety of activities working on a number of preschool skills.

IF you are looking for a large collection of printables at a discounted bundle price, the best place to start is the Ultimate Preschool Bundle. It has all of my most popular non-seasonal learning packs for preschool at home with your child.

There are many ways you can access your purchased content:

  1. You will be presented with a download page to access your printables, immediately after placing your order.
  2. An email will be sent with the download link.
  3. All your purchased printables will be visible in the "My Printables" page found in our main menu.

    You will only be able to see content purchased when we transitioned to our new store on
    February 2024.
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